School hosts CJ5K

By : Amarie Castillo, writer

The CJ5K (Cynthia Jean Salinas) was held on May 7th. The  The CJS 5K is a 3.1 mile run/walk in memory of Cynthia Jean Salinas who was a victim of domestic violence. The CJ5k was organized by Coach Deanna Sanchez and Angeline Gutierrez who were former teammates of Salinas in high school. 

“Every year with the money that has been collected with the 5k run scholarship funds are awarded to female student athletes. As the years pass the CJS Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded $36,000 to athletes from all ECISD high schools,” Sanchez said. “Ange and I feel very proud of the way the CJS Memorial Scholarship Fund has grown.  Many hours went into preparing for our fundraising, scholarship reviewing, award night, and seeking sponsorships. 

Not only is this event a fundraiser, but it also brings many people and organizations together.

“It is a labor of love,” Sanchez said. ” We enjoy reconnecting with Cindy’s parents and other family members to share our memories of her and see what her son is up to now.  In doing this, WE keep Cindy alive.  If we are able to save one life by sharing her story…it is all worth it.”