Seniors receive Early College stole at ceremony


Photographer : Camila Vargas

Principal Molina begins the stole distribution.

By : Camila Vargas, writer

On April 19th, the Early College program hosted their annual stole ceremony where 142 seniors were awarded their stoles by the Early college principal, Mr.Peña, and the school principal, Ms. Molina. Students were awarded for their completion of the 4-year program and for receiving their Associates degree.

“There are two stoles. One stole is for the students who completed the program and received college hours. The other stole has a little bit of a different insignia on it. It has the STC logo and that is for the students who received their Associate’s through the program,” Early College counselor Mrs.Carlson said.

Upon completion of this program, students felt honored to receive the recognition for their work.

“I felt very honored and proud to have been able to receive my stole,” senior Hailey Soliz said.“I worked really hard throughout my 4 years here. To have been able to stand in front of an actual crowd and hear the applause as I received it [my stole] felt amazing.”

Now that seniors have ended their Early College experience, they are moving on to their future plans.

“After I graduate, I plan to attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley to major in Criminal Justice,” senior Marliza Mendoza said.

The Early College seniors will be graduating on June 4, 2022.