Club members ‘Provide Hope’ for the community


Josue Alvarez begins to prepare food bags for people in the community. First Baptist Church hosts ‘Providing Hope’ once a month.

By : Erandy Gama, writer

During Thanksgiving Break, FCA and NHS members teamed up with First Baptist Church of Edinburg to ‘Provide Hope’ to families in need. The event was designed as a community outreach providing food, clothing, household items and a turkey voucher to be redeemed at a local grocery store. 

“It was such a beautiful thing to be able to contribute and give people a little something for Thanksgiving,” FCA member Sayra Benavidez said. 

The club members prepared food bags, sorted clothing donations and helped carry the items for the people of the community.  

“My favorite part was getting to help people carry their things to the car,” FCA President Josue Alvarez said. “The smiles on their faces was priceless.” 

FCA sponsor Mrs. Tamez was also impacted by this event. 

“It was humbling to see the needs people in our community have and these were people just like ‘you and me’,” Tamez said. “ I think most people assume that as long as you aren’t homeless, that you don’t have any needs, but that isn’t always the case.” 

First Baptist Church of Edinburg hosts “Providing Hope” once a month.