An unforgettable night under the stars


Photographer : Mrs. Tamez, Ms. Zamora and Mrs. Garza

Students enjoy A Night Under the Stars.

By : Mrs. Tamez, Adviser

It was literally ‘A Night Under the Stars’ for the juniors and seniors who attended Prom on last weekend. Prom was held at the outdoor amphitheater at Tres Lagos.

“Being able to go to Prom and dress up was enough to make it worthwhile,” senior Lauren Gonzalez said. “Of course it was special, given our circumstances, but overall it was an amazing experience. It was a moment that I will remember forever.”

Senior Adelina Torre enjoyed the atmosphere.

“It felt nice; it was a beautiful night,” Torre said.

Not only was it a beautiful night, but it was also a beautiful time for people to reconnect.

“We hadn’t seen some of our classmates in over a year; some people had changed so much,” senior Alondra Torre said.

In keeping with tradition, voting for Prom King and Queen took place that night as well.

Brandon Flores was crowned Prom King and Dominique De la Rosa was crowned Prom Queen.