Junior receives first AR Millionaire award for school year

By : Heidi Nava, Writer

As an 11 year-old, just like anyone else, Haytzel Guajardo thought of reading as a boring chore and nothing else. When she was a young girl, Haytzel hated the thought of staying still and having to focus on a single task, and that’s what reading was all about. Now as a 16 year-old, that same girl now has about 250 books at home and a slight obsession with pretty book covers with thrilling plots.

Haytzel had a deeply rooted hate for reading but when fourth grade came along that completely changed.

 “I actually hated reading–like I hated it, hated it,” Haytzel said. “But in fourth grade they started giving us rewards for reading so I started reading more.” 

Although the rewards in elementary school were nice, Haytzel’s appreciation for reading has grown beyond that.

 “In fourth grade, we took our first field trip to Barnes & Nobles. The librarian offered to buy a book for me and I chose this book called ‘The School for Good and Evil.’  It was such an amazing book. I read it like ten times and I still read it from time to time now.” Haytzel said.

 ‘The School for Good and Evil’ is still one of Haytzel’s favorite books in her vast collection because of the attachment and emotion it holds for her.

 “It’s probably not as good as when I was eleven, but I think it’s the nostalgia that makes it my favorite book.” Haytzel said. 

Her collection of books is not only about intriguing plots and relatable characters but also about a pleasing view to the eye–her eye especially.

 “I would randomly get up and I just go stare at my books because it was such a pretty collection,” Haytzel said.

Haytzel was awarded as an AR Millionaire in September.