Mother’s Day Serenade

By : Ruben Flores, writer

Q: Did Mariachi perform on Mother’s day?

A: “Yes, it was a Mother’s Day gig at a church.  It was a performance for the mom, to thank them for all they have done through out our lives,” junior Malena Ramirez said.

Q: What songs did you all play?

A: “We played Las Mananitas, Amor Eterno which some mom ended up crying for because it was a very heartwarming song, and A Mil a Madres which means you can have a million mothers but nothing compares to mine,” Ramirez said.

Q: How did you feel about the performance?
A: “I felt pretty good about it. It was a really good performance and the fact it was with everyone I cared about made it more memorable,” Ramirez said.