Cheer team wins NCA championship title


Cheer team celebrates their championship title win.

By : Jacqueline Guardiola, reporter

On Saturday, March 6th the cheer team received their NCA championship title. This makes the 7th time, an Edinburg High School cheer squad has received this award. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this competition had to be completed through virtual means. The cheer team had to send in videos for their competition and then waited one week for the results.

“When things started going virtual and I found out our only option was to compete virtually it brought me down knowing I wasn’t going to compete in the arena my senior year. As time passed, I started to accept it and felt grateful to have the opportunity to practice with my team. Going virtual pushed me and my entire team to work harder, so no matter how we competed we could still come out on top,” senior Madelyn Perez said.

Freshman Vivian De Leon felt that competing virtually gave them the chance to perfect things.

 “Preparing this routine, we perfected every little thing and only got stronger as we kept practicing through the week,” De Leon said. 

With how well they performed, junior Mikayla Saldana looks forward to next year’s competition hoping it will be in-person. 

“I definitely look forward to coming together with the team again. I look forward to working with the team and our coaches towards our goals,” Saldana said.