Choir students are selected for TMEA District Choir


During the month of October, nine students were selected to the TMEA District Choir along with one alternate.

TMEA stands for Texas Music Educators Association. It is comprised of a singing competition where students compete in four different rounds to be selected to the Texas All-State Choir.  The rounds are, District, Region, Area, All-State.

“This year’s competition was compounded by the added challenge of being conducted virtually,” Mr. Rodrigo Reyes, Choir director said. “Students accepted the added challenge of submitting recordings online with no aid from their teachers. This challenge was overwhelming due to the varying levels of technology knowledge, quality of student computers and lack of professional or high quality usb microphones.”

Despite the challenges, Reyes was proud of the students’ commitment.

“The students agreed to join this competition and not drop out despite the current COVID- 19 situation,” Reyes said. ” Most students made a commitment to attend after school lessons as well as submitting the recordings online from home with no aid from us, their instructors.”

In order to help the students prepare for this competition, both Choir directors, Rodrigo Reyes and Naida Jaggard provided virtual lessons.

“The students were provided with music tracks/sheet music and were taught in lessons provided via google meets after school,” Reyes said.

The next round of the TME A competition will take place in November.