Football Season Begins


Photographer : Patricia Davila

Senior Justin Gonzalez runs with the ball during practice.

By : Patricia Davila, writer

With the first scrimmage set for Friday, the Bobcats get back into the routine of things.

“It feels good getting back into the routine again,” senior Oscar Cruz said. “It is really different this year. Covid limits us from a lot of things, but I believe our coaches and staff are doing a great job of keeping everything in check for us to keep the season alive.”

Although this new year is different, the boys are hopeful for the season.

“It’s our job to ensure that we surpass our goals,” senior Andre Vargas said. “We didn’t expect to be delayed this long in the season; it all changed with the pandemic. But I think we have the potential to take us to our goals.”

Not only does senior Frankie Coronado have goals of making a deep playoff run, but Justin Gonzalez also wants to use this opportunity to help his teammates.

“My goal is to teach the upcoming players to never take things for granted and shape them up to become better people,” Gonzalez said.