Counselors create Bitmoji of excitement


With the school year beginning remotely, some teachers took on the challenge of creating virtual classrooms which included a Bitmoji, cartoon like character, of themselves.

“Because our face to face time would be limited, I wanted my students to have the opportunity to get to know me and have a good visual representation of who I am,” English teacher, Mr. Armando Alanis said. “My Bitmoji has allowed my students to take a deeper look into my personality which is great.”

Teachers weren’t the only ones to create an avatar.

Several staff members including Counselors and the Librarian also took part in creating a Bitmoji for their virtual room.

“I wanted our Bobcats to access the library in a fun and engaging way during virtual learning,” Librarian, Esther Mendoza said. ” We miss our Bobcats very much on campus.”