BPA attends State conference

By : Samantha Ybarra, writer

At the beginning of March, BPA members took part in the BPA State Conference in Dallas.

“I feel like our team did great. We practiced the whole day. When it was our turn to compete, we essentially gave it our all,” senior Dominic Hernandez said.

Senior Jacqueline Orozco advanced with her team and prepared for events alongside them.

“We put a lot of work and energy into our preparation,” Orozco said. 

Students like Kelvin Olvera were impacted by their performance, and grateful to be part of the organization. 

“I had never been competitive in something until I joined BPA. It was so rewarding being able to see places you never thought you would. I consider BPA to be the biggest part of my high school year,” Olvera said.