Arts students compete in VASE


Art students with their pieces for the VASE competition.

By : Sayra Benavidez, writer

On March 7th, twenty-four students went to the Art VASE (Visual Art Scholar Event) competition that took place at Nikki Rowe High School to present their paintings.

“I took a portrait of my grandpa which qualified me to the State competition,” senior Yulianna Cortes said. “Both of my paintings got a 4 which is the best you can get,” 

Twelve pieces qualified for the state competition. 

“The paintings that qualified me for state were “ Luisa Ruiz” and “Samuel De La Llana”. The sacrifices and hard work paid off, and I’m ecstatic to have been able to advance to state with my art work,” senior, Chanelle Cantu.

This competition allowed Art students to show their creativity and their originality while creating their pieces.

“Making it to the competition is an accomplishment because it’s very difficult to make it to State,” National Art Honor Society sponsor and teacher, Caronlina Avila said.