Golf team plays tournament in San Antonio


Madison Ozuna plays in Golf tournament in San Antonio.

By : Erandy Gama, writer

At the end of February, the Golf team participated in a tournament in San Antonio.  

“I felt like it was a really good competition, and it was really tough on me,” junior Madison Ozuna who placed 2nd place overall said. “But I continued to push through, despite the obstacles.” 

While Ozuna reflected on her performance, Head Coach Garza shared his outlook on the team.  

“I feel blessed and lucky to be their coach, especially when they work hard. We’re moving forward in bringing district championships to both programs, the boys and girls teams,” Garza said. 

Senior Danelly Trevino wanted to make her coach proud. 

“I felt very excited to attend San Antonio for the fourth time,” Trevino said. “My team and I felt amazing, and making my coach proud was all we wanted.”