Chess team qualifies for State Competition

By : Erandy Gama, writer

Last month the Chess team placed sixth in their Regional competition qualifying them to compete at the state level. They competed against schools from Cameron and Starr Counties. 

“This competition was very hard but rewarded me with sixth place overall at Regionals. I learned never to back away from a match and to give no mercy to my opponent,” freshman Jesus Flores said. 

Sponsor of the team, Mr. Lopez was very proud of his students’ accomplishments. 

“I was very proud of our students for being able to qualify. Their hard work definitely paid off. They learned to be patient and be able to take up to two hours to finish a game that they used to finish in 15 minutes,” Lopez said. “We are here to help our students develop and the students are definitely developing not only their thinking skills but their patience.”  

Senior Felix Hernandez looks forward to the state competition. 

“This competition was very important for us because it helped us improve a lot and understand what state is going to be like,” senior Felix Hernandez said.