Mariachi to compete at state

By : Isabella Sanchez, writer

In December, Mariachi placed and qualified to compete at the state competition next month. 

Preparation for this type of competition was not only about learning music but also having to mentally prepare for performing in front of a judge according to freshman Vivianne Medina. 

 “To prepare we had a lot of practice because it wasn’t just about learning the music. It was also getting mentally prepared.Having to go away for three days, playing in front of judges, and waiting for the results was a lot of mental preparation,” Medina said.

For senior Sebastian Diaz preparing for such an event showed his commitment to the program.

“It showed our commitment and our love for the music,” Diaz said. “It made us proud to represent our school at such a high level, especially on the mariachi road,” Diaz said.

Being in Mariachi for Armando Serna has also taught him about commitment.

”It’s taught me about commitment, being responsible, and knowing that your group needs you. So, even if you have other things to do, organize yourself to make time for the things that matter.”

  The Mariachi State Competition is said to take place on February 8th in Austin Texas.