BPA members qualify for state competition


Photographer : courtesy of Mrs. Salinas

BPA members present their awards at the local competiton.

By : Erandy Gama, writer

Two weeks ago, the Business Professionals of America (BPA) members participated in a competition at the South Texas College (STC) campus in which 24 students qualified to advance to the state competition. 

They participated in events such as Business Law and Ethics, Programing C++, Payroll Accounting and more. 

“Thanks to my effort and arduous days of study, I was able to get second place in the competition and a chance to compete in Dallas,” junior Yoselin Alvarez said. 

For junior Samantha Segura it wasn’t the amount of study that she found challenging, it was having to write for a long period of time while in the business law and ethics competition.  

“I had to write notes for a long period of time. My hands quickly grew tired after writing for so long,” Segura said. 

But participating in this type of competition allows the students to have real-life experience according to sponsor, Mrs. Karla Salinas. 

“I feel like BPA really does provide that platform of giving them real world, handson experience. Because this is what you’re going to experience as an adult, really soon in life,” Salinas said.  

The state competition will be in Dallas at the beginning of March.