Band gets Division 1 at Pigskin Jubilee


Photographer : Meydelin Alvarez

Band receives Division 1 at Pigskin.

By : Samantha Ybarra, writer

On October 19th, the band received a Division 1 at the 77th annual Pigskin Jubilee which took place at Richard R. Flores stadium.

“I felt this mix between nervousness and excitement,” senior Isaac Zamarripa said.

The band had been practicing for this UIL marching competition since the summer.

“Practicing so much helped us with the techniques and to know where to go on the field; it was very beneficial,” senior Anthony Mcbride said.

There were 13 total schools who competed at Flores Stadium allowing bands from neighboring cities to come together in Edinburg.

“Band is an organization like no other. There aren’t any rivalries; instead we come together and support one another. We root for one another’s successes,” senior Gloribel Carmona said.