Photographer : Daisy Araujo

Junior Briana Lazo and Senior Demitri Galindo decorate a child's tombstone in celebration of 'Dia de los Muertos.'

By : Daisy Araujo, writer

On November 1st members of the Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) decorated the grave sites of children at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery in celebration of  ‘Dia De Los Muertos’.

“I decided to volunteer in this event because I wanted to commemorate them by putting flowers and teddy
bears,” junior Briana Lazo said.

Another junior, Gabriela Jimenez felt good helping out in this community service event as well.

“You can actually do something for kids whose parents and family members don’t have time to bring them stuff,” Jimenez said.

The SNHS members were there for an hour making sure they put a teddy bear and flowers on
every child’s tombstone that didn’t have any flowers on it.

Senior, Demitri Galindo felt it was important to devote your time.

“Devote your time to something  memorable,” Galindo said.