Bobcats win with seconds left in game


Photographer : Sayra Benavidez

Junior, Shandon Woodard scores a touchdown at the football game against Brownsville Rivera last week.

By : Sayra Benavidez, writer

With only 35 seconds left in last week’s football game the Bobcats scored the touchdown that brought in the victory, 28-21.

“We’ve always played hard for four quarters and that was a true example of what these guys have in store,” Head Football Coach, JJ Leija said.

Senior Adrian Garza was happy with the outcome.

“We will just keep doing what we do. We want to just keep getting up there first and hopefully we can get up to what we’ve been striving for,” Garza said.

Senior Juan Mendoza felt the same.

“It was a big win for us. We lost our first game, but we regrouped as a team,” Mendoza said.  “It’s my last season as a Bobcat, so my goal is to win as many games as possible.”

Senior Aaron Alfaro not only wants to win as many games as possible, but hopes to make the playoffs.

“I just want to leave a legacy and hopefully take my team to the playoffs,” Alfaro said.